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I was tagged by :iconmoonshadow909: so I guess I'll do it Sans Shrug 

You Have To Post These Rules.
Each Person Has To Share 13 Things About Them.
Answer The 13 Questions Asked To You And Invent 13 Questions The People You Tag Will Have To Answer.
Choose 13 People.
You Have To Tag 13 People, If You Can.
Tag-Backs Are ALLOWED.
Be Creative With The Title. No "I've Got Tagged" Things
You Can't Say You Don't Do Tags
The 13 things about me!

1. Do you have any pets?
Four cats

2. What is your favourite mythological creature?
Ahh God I can't choose I love a load of mythological creatures! But I'll go with elves as I've loved them for the longest time 

2. Favourite game, movie and tv series character?
Game: Undyne from Undertale
Movie: Legolas/Aragorn from Lord of the Rings/ Kili/Radagast from The Hobbit. (they count as one movie okay)
TV series: Tyrion from Game of Thrones

3. Favourite season?

4. If you could have any animal in the entire world as a companion/pet what would it be?

5. If you had a chance to live in a world from a book, film or TV series (fairy tail, Lotr, Undertale, Harry Potter etc) which would you choose?
Middle Earth

6. Which would you rather have exist? Dinosaurs or Dragons?

7. Is the cake a lie?

8. What is the meaning of life?
V.exe has stopped working

9. In a world where you are capable of using magic for combat and healing, would you rather be a healer or a fighter?

10. What is your greatest fear?

11. If you could choose between breathing underwater, and being able to fly what would you pick?
Probably breathing underwater. Though I doubt I'd ever go in the sea.. But I'm not really interested in being able to fly...

12. Butterscotch or cinnamon?
Why not both? The stare. 

13. What do you enjoy the most?

I know I have to come up with 13 questions and tag 13 people but I literally have no idea what to ask and no friends that haven't done this/been tagged already so I'm just gonna leave it here


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Thanks for the fav! :heart:
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start with you. 
Dear God, the sweet girl reading this is kind and I'm proud of her. Please help her live life to the fullest and bless her in her chosen field.
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Thank fot the fav💗💗💗
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Thank you so very much for the watch~!! 
I seriously appreciate it!!! ♥ Hug
VirulentWings Featured By Owner Mar 26, 2016  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
No problem! Your art is fantastic!
Kintanga Featured By Owner Mar 27, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Awww... ;///; You're too kind! <33
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Thankyou for the watch :D

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